HR development

Our key of success :  Make our employees the partners of our success.

Training for professional and personal development

We encourage all our staff to participate in the training courses available :

  • at all levels of our organisation
  • for their professional and personal development

To maintain and develop the group’s expertise, several specific training courses are available :

Practical chocolate courses :

  • “Chocolatier CEMOI” : This course is aimed at developing production operators’ product & process knowledge and the use of other improvement tools.
  • “Chococourt” (Management)
    Aim : to develop chocolate knowledge and “vocabulary”.

Management training :

Improvement of the management performance, team coordination, control and corrective action response.

Foreign languages training :

Practice improvement of the foreign languages, in order to support our international activity.

Internal training :

We support our co-workers with personalized internal training programs such as :

  • labor law training
  • annual interview preparation
  • internal chocolate training
  • logistics training …

Qualifying training (Further education) :

  • Business school, purchasing training, etc.


Our goal is to attract new talents by :

  • schools partner ship
  • apprenticeship and intern ship development
  • young graduates recruitment

Internal mobility development

Thanks to internal mobility development, we can :

  • promote their professional as well as personal development
  • take advantage of the diversity and complementarity of our talents