Policy & values

Our Human Resources policy is based on long term strategy. The Group’s continual growth since its creation and its independence as a family company, unaffected by stock market fluctuation means that we can continue to adhere to and follow our founder values for every position in the company. 

Our goals

CEMOI’s Human Resources policy has two principle objectives :

  • Increase knowledge and skills of all personnel so that via their own personal development they may contribute to the Group’s success.
  • Promote internal mobility and develop employability.

Our values

  • Competitive products & actions 

Before any expense or investment is made we are certain of the project’s viability.

  • Proactive partnerships with all our customers 

We anticipate customer demand and respect our commitments with internal and external customers alike.

  • SME pragmatism and reactivity 

We always choose the easiest and fastest solution that involves the least complications.

  • Employee development 

Annual performance reviews as well as potentiality reviews for all our personnel.

  • Expense control 

We are constantly tracking useless expenses by maintaining our level of quality requirements.

  • Simplicity and transparency in all our relationships 

We encourage our employees to give their personal point of view, but expect that they adhere to all final group decisions.