Our factories

Part of CEMOI’s strength lies in the specialisation of our factories which means we can offer a complete range of products from the cocoa bean to an extensive range of finished products.

Our group is composed of 14 factories, 4 warehouses and 3 sales offices :

10 factories in France :
CÉMOI Chocolatier Établissement de Torremila, Perpignan (66),
Phoscao, Châteauneuf sur Loire (45),
CÉMOI Chocolatier Établissement de Tinchebray (61),
CÉMOI Chocolatier Établissement de Bourbourg (59),
CÉMOI Chocolatier Établissement de Bègles (33),

CÉMOI Confiseur Établissement de Sorbiers (42),
CÉMOI Confiseur Établissement de Villeneuve d’Ascq (59),
CÉMOI Confiseur Établissement de Troyes (10),
CÉMOI Confiseur Établissement de Molsheim (67),
CÉMOI Confiseur Établissement de Chambéry (73),

CEMOI head office, Perpignan (66).

1 factory in Germany :
Frankonia, Veitschochheim.

1 factory in Poland :
Gryf, Szczecin.

1 factory in Invory Coast :
CEMOI C.I., Abidjan.

1 factory in UK :
OP Chocolate, Cardiff.

1 warehouse in Spain :
Cantalou S.A., Barcelone.

3 warehouses in France

1 sales office in the USA (New-York)
1 sales office in Russia (St Petersburg)
1 sales office in Portugal

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