A unique model

A unique business model

CEMOI is the only company in France to control the cocoa process from bean to bar and distinguishes itself with an atypical strategy on the chocolate market.


CEMOI is a chocolate specialist and as a specialist we have chosen to meet the requirements not only of our customers (industrialists to craftsmen), but also our consumers and our products.

CEMOI offers a complete range of chocolate products and prices ranging from COD (accessible prices for everyone) to top quality chocolate using cocoa from exclusive networks.


A network strategy, covering all our customers’ requirements. Our innovative approach within the cocoa network guarantees quality cocoa and chocolate for all our partners.

CEMOI is a family group whose shareholders prioritise company growth, preferring to reinvest in acquisitions, skills and industrial tools.
The Group has largely invested in the re-launch of numerous chocolate factories via :

  • major investment to increase economic performance and specialisation.
  • preservation of local know how, capitalising on the personnel and skills present in the acquired companies.