1913 – 1961

A will to survive

The beginning of the 20th century is marked by several incidents that could have been fatal to the company, but due to their tremendous drive and will to overcome all setbacks, CEMOI continues to grow and develop !

1913 : A successor is found

Joseph Cantaloup’s son, Leon takes over the running of the company. He invests in modern material reaching the production capacity of 2 Tons per day.

1927 : Fire, but record production

The factory in Arles sur Tech is destroyed by a fire. Leon Cantaloup builds a new one, bigger than the last, achieving an impressive 8 ton daily production in 1939 !

1940 : CEMOI’s fate persists

A new disaster; massive flooding destroys the factory.

1941 - 1946 : The International Market

A new factory is built on the site of Orles, with the advantage of rail access. The ultra modern construction is finally completed after the war. Cantaloup – Catala employs 150 personnel with a daily 12 Ton production capacity; distributing throughout the south of France, but also to North Africa, England and Germany.