2004 – today

Structured development

Whilst continuing extension and diversification policies, the Group continues restructuring and re-organisation with a new plant in the south of France. 

2005 : Two divisions

The group is re-organised into two divisions:
Chocolate : Patrick POIRRIER becomes president of the CEMOI group, based in Perpignan.
Confectionary : Michel POIRRIER creates SUCRALLIANCE, a subsidiary company concentrating on sugar confectionary, based in Chambéry.

2007 : Poland

Take-over of GRYF in Poland specialised in bean grinding and industrial products.
Creation of Moreuil Distribution, with warehouses in Arras and Macon.
Acquisition of Jacquot in Troyes, France ; a group composed of 4 plants and 600 employees, a specialist in hollow chocolate figures and chocolate confectionary.

2008 : The new factory

Construction of the new Cantalou factory on the Torremila site on the outskirts of Perpignan. Production commenced 1st December 2008.

2012 : International development

Opening of one sales office in New-York (USA) and one sales office in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
Our latest launch : a range of cocoa powders and chocolate spreads for the West African market.

2014 : Development of the Western Africa market

Launch of a complete range of products on the Western Africa market