Our actions

Our actions

The quality of chocolate and therefore the cocoa itself are our main priorities at CEMOI and so we have taken several steps to preserve them.

Cocoa farming is under threat because :

  • the original cacao trees are growing old and producing less and less.
  • quality cocoa farming is in the process of disappearing, being replaced by more intensive farming methods, producing more crops, but of little aromatic interest.


So the CEMOI Group has launched, in collaboration with local cocoa farmers, several programs of quality cocoa tree re-plantation by using varieties of cacao specifically selected for their aromatic potential and productive capacities.

Concrete action for sustainable development

Out in the field our experts work on :

  • finding the most aromatic cocoa to preserve the best cocoa trees.
  • identification, grafting and re-planting to create plant nurseries for farmers.

Impact out on the field : cocoa for a better future

In Ecuador, the system of selecting cocoa trees with incomparable sensorial qualities guarantees an exceptional cocoa mass. The beans harvested, also known as “Pepa de Oro” because of their particularly floral or fruity aromas are used to produce superior dark chocolate.

A true “black” goldmine, this cocoa with its exceptionally powerful aroma can also be used in combination with a medium quality chocolate to improve its quality of aroma.

Our fair trade branch has developed a system for the renewal of cocoa plantations. Young cocoa plants are selected and planted to preserve the genetic characteristics of cocoa trees in Ecuador.

Thanks to our local re-planting squads 200 000 grafts have been planted in 2009 and by 2014 the plantations should be completely rejuvenated.


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