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The CEMOI Group has been involved with local cocoa farmers since the 1980s. This commitment is an integral part of our sustainable, economical, social and eco-responsible development policy.

CEMOI and our fair trade network : farmers and cocoa farming

To be able to offer quality chocolate of rich and varied aromatic properties, of organic origin and according to sustainable fair trade rulings, we have been working on developing our fair trade cocoa network for over 10 years.

CEMOI runs our different networks with KAOKA, our subsidiary specialist in organic cocoa farming development programmes. These programmes are based on long term commitment, close partnership with the cocoa farmers and sustainable development.

This commitment involves :

  • A respect of the environment and its biodiversity,
  • A respect for human dignity by guaranteeing correct income for the farmers and their families,
  • A qualitative commitment necessary for a stable company policy and promising future.


CEMOI : a committed partner

KAOKA collaborators regularly visit the cocoa farmers to analyse technical and social situations and find suitable stable solutions.
In transmitting our competence to small farmers we help them to operate as stronger, more efficient and well-managed cooperatives.
We are continually working on our sustainable economical and social relations as an integral part of our organic farming programme. Our strong commitment to technical and financial assistance and a minimum price guarantee means that we can offer our cocoa farmers work and therefore a better future.


3 international, family controlled businesses have joined forces to create PACTS


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After more than 20 years by the farmers’ sides, CEMOI’s idea was finalised in 2010 by the creation of a joint venture in Ivory Coast between BLOMMER, PETRA FOODS (DELFI brand) and CEMOI, all major players in the chocolate industry.
This new organisation is named PACTS (Processors Alliance for Cocoa Traceability and Sustainability) and will bring together these three family controlled groups to improve the quality of Ivory Coast cocoa, through the adoption of a sustainable development strategy, with the following key goals :

  •  A more professional production chain
  • Improved yields from natural agronomic practices
  • “Fresh Bean” concept, a new starting point for premium quality
  • 3 stage fermentation in special trays, the guarantee of great flavour
  • A new role for co-operatives as processors and social leaders
  • Long term sustainability, driven by quality and supply chain efficiency

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For more information on PACTS click here to consult our press files : News release PACTS and the web site : http://www.pacts.nl/