Chocolate any way you want it !

CEMOI offers a complete range of chocolate products, top range technologies and is present on all markets.

CEMOI : Chocolate any way you want it !

Chocolate bars and miniatures

  • A complete range : Premium, family size, filled, dessert, diet, etc.
  • Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade, sustainable cocoa

Chocolate confectionary :

  • Chocolate-coated marshmallow bears and marshmallow & caramel hedgehogs
  • Coffee time products : Amandina, Chocotine
  • Seasonal products : Praline, eggs, individually wrapped chocolates, assortments, gift boxes, cream filled chocolates, cherries, advent calendars, etc.

Cocoa powder :

  • Instant powders, 20% – 30% granulate or non-granulate cocoa.
  • Organic

Wafers :

  • Wafers and filled biscuits

Truffles :

  • Plain or flavoured (orange, caramel, almond, hazelnut, mint)

Hollow chocolate figures :

  • Aluminium wrapped figures
  • Hand-decorated hollow figures

Industrial products :

The CEMOI group has been present on the Chocolate Industrial products market for the last 12 years. Supplying the agri-food industry and in particular biscuit and ice cream makers.

  • Liquid or solid chocolate (couverture, sticks, drops, chips, tanks, cocoa mass),
  • Cocoa powder,
  • Liquid or solid coatings,
  • Liquid or solid fillings.