Our brands

The brands behind the name

CEMOI : the Group’s historical brand

CEMOI was created back in 1919 in Grenoble by Felix Cartier-Million and rapidly became a firm favourite with French chocolate consumers, so when Georges Poirrier bought the brand in 1981 he took on the name for his company and Cantalou became CEMOI.

Today the CEMOI brand is all about sharing with the French consumer the values of chocolate in promoting our French know how and the traditions of the chocolate world.

The brand logo has changed a few years ago with the addition of a new signature “Chocolatier Francais”, proposing 3 ranges ; seasonal, classic and top-of-the-range.

Petit Ourson: Parents love them as much as their kids !

Is all about a small bear who has become, over the space of 40 years, the favourite of several generations of school kids. This chocolate-coated marshmallow bear is the most popular lunch box accessory! Children and parents alike, from 7 to 77 years old, all love our marshmallow bear and if all our bears sold throughout the world joined paws and made a chain they would be circle the Earth 5 times !

Technical data :

  • Weight : 12, 7 grams
  • Dimensions: Height : 6cm Width : 2cm
  • Production: 43 000 Tons since 1962 !

Pupier : tradition and quality 

The Pupier brand was created in Saint-Etienne, in the 1860s. The founder, Jean-Louis Pupier handed over the company to his son Joseph in 1895 and in turn, his grandsons Adrien and Marcel Pupier succeed their father in 1919 to continue the company tradition whose “most strict and absolute rule is : no discussion concerning quality” and to “do everything to please the French consumer’s refined taste”. But the company ranked number 2 in France closed down in the 1970s, reappearing in 1981, thanks to the CEMOI Group.

For many generations of chocolate lovers, Pupier is The quality brand and CEMOI has made sure that this tradition of popularity continues.