PACTS and MARS Inc. committed to sustainable cocoa in Ivory Coast

During the World Cocoa Conference in November 2012, PACTS (a BLOMMER, PETRA FOODS (Delfi brand), and CEMOI alliance) and MARS Inc. both signed a Memorandum of Understanding confirming their commitment to sustainable cocoa farming in Ivory Coast.

The mission of this Memorandum of Understanding is to create 2 new centres that will be based on Cocoa Development Center’s principles, these in turn, will also be applied to 2 PACTS centres. PACTS and MARS have also agreed upon a communal cooperation for their sustainable development programmes, prioritising:

- Production of quality cocoa beans,
- Qualitative training with on-hand demonstrations in the centres,
- Correct fertility of land,
- Use of quality plant material,
- Interaction, reaching a larger number of farmers. In 5 years time more than 8000 farmers should benefit from the creation of 4 new centres,
- Respect and implementation of international work standards and the eradication of child labour.

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