Patrick Poirrier participation at the Opening session of 4th annual forum “Global Forum On Responsible Business Conduct”

Subject : Responsible global supply chains through due diligence

Date : friday 30th June


This opening session was an opportunity to discuss the role of due diligence in addressing environmental, labour and human rights risks linked to business activities in global supply chains.

The session has explored the development away from check-the-box approaches to proactive due diligence processes and the driving factors for this evolution.

It has looked at the challenge of balancing between engagement and disengagement when operating in high-risk contexts and the practical challenges to engaging in due diligence in sectors with largely opaque supply chains and/or informal workforces.

Finally, the role of the international community, including national governments and intergovernmental bodies in creating an enabling environment for responsible supply chains, and the most effective policy tools to do so have also been discussed.

Patrick Poirrier has been invited to discuss about the different CÉMOI issues :

  • How to implement a responsible sourcing approach
  • How better assess supply chain risks of CEMOI’s cocoa sourcing by analyzing on the ground our farmers
  • How CÉMOI applies OECD Responsible Business Conduct (assess main suppliers on sustainability, identify social and environmental risks to monitor and mitigate those)
  • The transformation of the value chain towards a 100% sustainable chocolate
  • The verification of the reality of our actions / due diligence
  • How to create a business case with sustainability engagement
  • How to compare Transparence Cacao to other international certification (fairtrade, utz, rainforest, organic, etc.)

Patrick Poirrier participation at OECD forum