Out of home

We supply amongst others, food catering services and numerous sales outlets with our wide range of products.

The main brands for this activity are Bouquet d’Or, Pupier and CEMOI Chocolatier.

Discover our products on offer  :

Permanent range :

  • Range of chocolate sticks and couverture
  • Marshmallow range : marshmallow bear and hedgehog
  • Cocoa powders
  • Desserts and snacks : Quadro wafers, Mini bars and chocolate spreads
  • Fruit jelly sticks
  • Chocolate bars
  • Decoration
  • Coffee time products

Seasonal range :

  • Praline-filled eggs
  • Praline sticks
  • Chocolate assortments
  • Chocolate assortments boxes
  • Individually wrapped chocolates

Our strength lies in being able to propose a wide range of specific products for the out-of-home food and drink sector that meet the demands of this rapidly expanding market.