A unique program

The control of the cocoa supply chain


CEMOI is reinforcing its vision and commitment for a sustainable cocoa: TRANSPARENCE CACAO. The Group is showing its determination to master the entire cocoa network, in which it is involved by managing every processing step, from farmer to consumer.

This way, the Group is reinforcing its commitment to insure the traceability all the way to the farmer of 100% of its cocoa supplies, namely 145.000 tons of purchased beans. CEMOI will be investing 20 Million Euros during the next 3 years to implement this project in the best of conditions


CÉMOI already involved in virtuous sustainability programmes throughout the world…



TRANSPARENCE CACAO includes all the initiatives already taken by CEMOI:

Implementation of an organic cocoa network in Ecuador, Sao Tomé and the Dominican Republic in the 1980’ through the creation of specific fermentation and drying centres.

The PACTS programme, a joint venture initiated in 2009 in Ivory Coast in collaboration with 2 other family owned companies: BLOMMER and DELFI, representing today 19.000 farmers.

Other partnerships with other family owned companies are currently being created.







TRANSPARENCE COCOA reflects the commitment of CEMOI to the network, as a major player of cocoa and chocolate. It is a sincere policy of continuous improvement and an invitation to our clients to join us

Patrick POIRRIER, President of CEMOI Group