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For developing the 4 Quality aspects, 3 steps of implementation

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illustrations mise en oeuvre cemoiKNOWING the profile of suppliers, cooperatives and farmers.

TRANSFORMING the needs of the cooperatives and farmers into projects, take in part:

• 4 quality aspects,

• Priorities: local, logistical, strategic,

• Socio-economic context,

• Local priorities of the community.

VERIFYING the progression of the project with achievement indicators, verifiable by external partners.

TRANSPARENCE CACAO was developed by the Group CEMOI with the support of THE FOREST TRUST (TFT) organization, of which it is officially a member, and which accompanies numerous companies on their sustainable development strategy concerning topics such as palm, soy or wood.







Logo TFT color (1)TFT is an international non-profit organization that helps companies and communities launch responsible products on the market.





Bastien SachetTRANSPARENCE CACAO is revolutionary for the cocoa sector. Few companies are capable of knowing 100% of their farmers, and of stating such a traceability goal. This ambition has its place within the continuity of CEMOI values: quality is built with people, on site, starting with the field. This is about actively developing a network, instead of passively collecting a raw material. TFT is proud to be able to help CEMOI implement its vision, and our teams are already active on the field.

Bastien SACHET, The Forest Trust Director



The 10 commitments of TRANSPARENCE CACAO

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Pacome KraMastering the entire cocoa network from farmer to chocolate is to understand the reality of farmer life in order to improve quality. By integrating our programme Transparence Cacao we improve the entire network and chain.

 Pacôme Kra, Ivory Coast Supervisor in the Western Area